Smart City Expo Buenos Aires



Smart City Expo World Congress  is the world leading event for Smart cities and the benchmark international summit for our city development. Top-tier professionals from the smart city arena will join together to inspire a thought-provoking discussion on the relation between urban reality and technological revolution, providing an easy way to networking, sharing ideas and international trade agreements.


For this reason, this event is the dreamed platform to learn from international pundits, showcase projects, create networking and identify new business opportunities and collaboration with worldwide companies and institutions.


The one and only event for cities, Smart City Expo World Congress, which has been running since 2011 in Barcelona, spreads worldwide through its Abroad editions.


Cities such as Montreal, Bogota, Kyoto (5 editions), Puebla (3 editions), Casablanca (3 editions), Istanbul, or Mallorca are already part of the SCE Abroad movement, becoming iconic cities in their regions.



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